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Autopost Supports :
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1. Super Easy to Use!

Simply snap a photo and list your property for sell. It has never been easier.


2. Maximum Exposure

Expose your listings to multiple different property portals, and close deals instantly.


3. Save Time & Money!

Easily post your listings to Property Guru, STProperty, iProperty & Singapore Classsified - GumTree (NEW!!) & Craiglist on mobile!


3 Easy Steps to Get Started!


1. Sign Up Account

Sign up an account at & login.


2. Connect Your Account

Connect your PropertyGuru, iProperty & STProperty and Singapore Classified - GumTree (NEW!!) & Craiglist Account on Propertify App.


3. Start Cross-Selling!

Now, start cross sell your property to multiple portals at once!



Autopost on Mobile

Manage All Your Listings easily on Android & iOS App.


Edit, Delete & Update

Edit, delete, update, or activate your listings in one single place.

Photos Upload

Support Property Photos upload & synchronization.


Real Time

Complete your Autopost to different portals at real time. 

99% Success Rate & Error Tracking

Rigorously tested and achieve high successful posting rate.


Smart Autopost Schedule*

Smart scheduling allow you to schedule your autopost & repost easily. (coming soon...)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an "Autopost App"?

Autopost is an app that allows you to manage your listings across multiple different property portals. You are able to easily post, repost, edit, update or delete the listings on Property Guru, STProperty, iProperty & Singapore Classified - GumTree & Craiglist, all from one single app.

2. Am I able to "repost" or "schedule*" my listings for Autopost?

Yes. You are able to edit, update, repost, delete, activate, deactivate and schedule* (coming soon...) your listing on all the portals.

3. What are the portals it support?

Currently, Autopost to Property Guru, STProperty, iProperty & GumTree (NEW!!) is supported. Autopost to Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin will be supported in the short future.

4. Is there a trial account?

Yes. We offer the Autopost service for free until further notice. So, drop us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for account sign-up.

5. Do you provide training on how to use Autopost App?

Yes. You're able to access to Video Tutorial, and Online Resource to help you. We conduct group training regularly and you can join the group training to help you.

6. Do I need to have the supported property portal accounts?

Yes. You'll need to have the respective property portal accounts in order to post your listings to different portals. You'll need to provide the logins for your Autopost App to work.


7. What is the success rate or accuracy of the Autopost App?

Autopost App achieve a 99% success posting rate. With a few failure exception cases which is handle manually. 


8. What is the supporting hours for Autopost App?

The best timing for the Autopost to work is between 9am to 9pm. If you've enquiry, please feel free to drop us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


9. What is the likely case of failure? How can we minimize it occurance?

We built Autopost to be robust and powerful. Nonetheless, there are some common reasons why Autopost failed :

  • Invalid Login : Invalid password or email provided. You can rectify it by ensuring the login details you provide on the respective portal is correct.
  • Insufficient Credits : You've reach your credits limit on posting new listing. You can rectify this by deleting some old listings.
  • Similar Listing : Respective website doesn't allows duplicate listings.
  • Connection Failed : Respective website server is down or not available.
  • Repost Error : Your respective portal's account doesn't support repost or refresh of listings.
  • Content Error : Content within the listing (e.g. descriptions, title, or pricing or build-in area size ) is not accepted by respective portals.

You can check the Autopost history on each of your request on Propertify App or website (Go to Autopost >History), and learn what is the cause of the error.


10. Can you sync the listings across the supported property portals?

Yes, we can help you sync your listings across multiple portals and ensure that you can come on board and start Autoposting. Please drop us an email at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for the services.


11. Do you support Autopost for oversea property listings?

No. Unfortunately, oversea listing is not supported on Autopost at the moment. We're looking to develop it in the future if demand is high, so drop us email and tell us why you want Autopost oversea listing at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


12. Is any of Propertify Teams, Partners, or Shareholders are from any local real estate agents?

No. Absolutely nope. None of the team members hold any real estate license. We've been offered by couple of real estate agents and agencies to invest six figures sum, and we rejected out of the course of providing assurance to real estate industry that we're neutral party. And it is our absolute responsibility in making sure that your most valuable data - your listing data and client data is safe with us. 


13. Is my account or login data safe with us?

Yes. We hold great integrity to your account login information and data. We do our very best to protect it. We deem that as our only currency and privilages to work with real estate agents, and we definitely would not break our own rice bowl. :)



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